For more information and bookings contact:

Dave Penn, Business Manager


Frequently Asked Questions for you to consider:

1. How is Soul Purpose compensated? Is there any upfront payment for services?
After we reach an agreement for a performance, we will prepare a contract based on that verbal agreement and forward it to our client (you), along with a self-addressed, stamped envelope and a copy of the contract for your records. The client (you) would then sign and date the original copy of the contract and return it to us by mail in the envelope provided, Along with the contract, the client (you) would enclose a check for the (non-refundable) deposit for the (your) event. This deposit amount is specified in the contract, and is usually 10% for performance fees of $3,000 or less, $400 for fees of $3,000 - $4,000, $500 for fees of $4,000 - $5000, $750 for fees of $5,000-$7,500, and TBD for performance fees exceeding $7,500. After payment of the deposit, the balance of our fee is due at the time of/on the date of the contracted event.

2. Who/what do I make my checks payable to?
All checks to The Soul Purpose Band should be made payable to: David H. Penn D/B/A Soul Purpose

3. Do you accept cash payments?
Certainly, but for the sake of security and tax records, we do normally prefer to be paid by check.

4. What are Soul Purpose's space requirements at my event?
Our preferred/requested performance space, if available, is an area that is 30 ft. long (across the front) x 15 ft. deep (front to back), BUT we can fit into a smaller area if necessary. Minimum footprint required would be approximately 20 ft. long (across the front) x 12 feet deep (front to back). It is usually preferable for the sound and sight lines of a performance for that area to be provided on a stage or stage risers, BUT we often set up for private events such as weddings or birthday parties at the same floor level as the dance floor, so neither a stage or risers are a necessity. If you have any concerns about available floor space, please contact us and let us visit your venue with you to take a look. We have played at most country clubs, reception halls, hotel ballrooms, and other party venues in the Atlanta area and across the South as well as at many private homes, and have not really encountered any where adequate floor space is not available. We’d be happy to provide you a list of the public venues where we have performed for your reference and comparison. .

5. What are Soul Purpose's power consumption requirements at the event?
We need --- at a minimum --- two (2) individual circuits, on separate breakers, for our PA system, a third (#3) circuit for our instruments, amps and stage gear. If our stage lights are requested/required, we must have the fourth (#4) separate circuit just for the lights. These individual circuits need only to be common residential/household circuits --- 15-20 amps, 110 volts. Ideally, we’d like two dual, or one quad plug-in receptacle to be provided within 20 ft. of the performance area for each of the individual circuits, but we carry utility cords and power strips in our equipment accessories in the event that the receptacles are either fewer or farther away than described above. It is most important that you make it a point to review this with us to ensure that adequate power will be available.

6. How is the time for performance and breaks divided up at the event?
Normally, we contract performances of 3 or 4 hours in length. Breaks between “sets” in a performance are important, especially to vocalists and horn players due to the extensive physical effort that they put into a performance. Typically, we will schedule 45-50 minute performance sets followed by a 20 minute break. In a 3-hour performance, there would be a 45 minute set, a 20 minute break, a 50 minute set, a 20 minute break, followed by a third 45 minute set. A 4-hour performance would consist of (4) 45-minute “sets” with a 20-minute break following each of the first (3) sets.

7. What does the Soul Purpose Band wear at the event?
We dress appropriately according to the event. For outdoor concerts or parties, other than formal receptions, we would normally dress in casual slacks and short-sleeve sport shirts, and our lady vocalist would dress in a casual party outfit. For more formal events such as wedding receptions, corporate events, etc, we normally wear black tuxedos and black dress shirts and our lady vocalist would dress in a cocktail dress or pants suit.

8. Does Soul Purpose require a dressing room(s) at the event?
Yes, since we unload and set up our own equipment prior to every performance, we do need two separate dressing areas----one for our male members and one for our lady vocalist ---- if at all possible. In addition, we prefer when at all possible that the men’s dressing area provide shower facilities, but understand that is usually not possible for many venues other than hotels or country clubs with clubhouse facilities.

9. Should I expect to feed the band during the event?
Depending on circumstances, this is not an absolute necessity, but it is normally requested for performances longer than 2 hours. Please understand that to prepare for a three or four hour performance, a good portion of our band will arrive at the performance venue to move in and set up equipment as much as 3-1/2 to 4 hours before the start of the performance. Afterwards, it normally takes approximately an hour to an hour and a half to take down, pack up and load out the equipment, so a 4 hour performance amounts to approximately a 10-hour work day for most of our band. Food becomes an important factor in a good performance, but we will be happy to work with you in any way possible to minimize the impact on the budget for your event. FINALLY, in addition to the 11 performers in the band, our group also always includes a full-time professional sound tech and more often than not an administrative coordinator, so most contracts call for meals or box lunches for 13 people.

10. What other expenses (travel, lodging) should I expect to cover for the band?
Depending on the travel distance and the performance fee negotiated, we might ask a client to provide an additional fee to cover travel expenses and/or provide lodging. Normally, this is not requested or necessary for travel distances of 2 hours or less outside the Atlanta metro area. Additional travel expense and/or overnight lodging is another area where we will be happy to work with you as much as possible to minimize the impact on the budget for your event.

11. Do I need to have a sound system and/or engineer for the event?
Normally, we provide our own professional quality PA and performance lighting, and a full-time professional sound tech for any/all indoor performances. Sometimes, depending on the circumstances and the size of an outdoor venue, our client will need to provide the sound system by hiring a third-party sound contractor.

12. For wedding services, does Soul Purpose help announce the wedding party and couple, and make other appropriate announcements from the wedding coordinator?
Yes, we do make announcements, introduce the wedding party and/or bride and groom, or announce such things as cutting the cake, bouquet and/or garter toss, special toasts or departure of the bride and groom, as requested by the client. We also can provide a microphone if a client prefers to have this done by a friend or family member, or for things such as remarks or toasts by friends or family members.

13. Since Soul Purpose is such a large band (11 performers) can we hire a smaller sub-set of the entire group (such as a 6-piece combo of a 4-piece rhythm section, tenor sax and one vocalist) for a lower, more affordable fee?
Although we understand why a prospective client might ask this question, we book the Soul Purpose band only as the entire 11-piece group. We feel strongly that this is necessary to provide the most authentic sound possible for the styles of music we specialize in, and you likely would not be interested in seeing a band such as Earth, Wind and Fire if they did not include their horn section, or all their vocalists. Our 11-piece complement would normally consist of a 5-piece rhythm section [two keyboardists, drums, bass guitar/vocals and lead guitar/vocals], four-piece horn section [tenor sax, baritone sax, trumpet and trombone] and two vocalists, one male and one female. Please also understand that on a rare occasion, due to personal, family or business-related conflicts, illness or last minute emergencies, when we do not have the time or are not able to find a substitute, we may perform with only (3) horns, and/or only (1) keyboardist but we will always make every effort to arrange a substitute. In these instances, no adjustment in fee is made if we are limited to only 9 or 10 performers.

14. Can I make special request(s) for song(s) for our wedding reception or other event? Do you/would you perform requests from myself or guests at my event?
With sufficient advance notice, after review of any requested song(s), we will learn up to three (3) special songs for a wedding reception or two (2) songs for any other private event. We will also share with you an updated list of songs that are available for inclusion in our performance, and since it is obviously easier if you can pick those “special” songs from our list, we encourage you to do so. For special requested tunes, you will need to supply us a CD recording of your requested song(s) at least 6 weeks prior to your event, and depending on the style of the music, the instrumentation, the phrasing and other important characteristics of the song, we reserve the right to decline to learn any particular song for live performance by our band. In such instances, you may pick a different song, or we will play a recording of your preferred tune over our PA from a CD that you provide. Other than these special tunes requested in advance, we are usually not able to play special requests. If a client or guest requests a song that we know and regularly perform, but was not included in our set list for that particular performance, we will do our best to fit that requested song into the set list before the end of the performance. We will be happy to provide you a copy of our current song list, and if there are songs that you would prefer not be included in the performance list for your event, we would certainly honor your wishes in that regard.